Businesses of all sizes need access to powerful communication services and features and at a scale that makes sense to your needs and budget. CentraCom Business solutions are flexible, collaborative and integrated, so you can take control of your business communications.


Today's learning environments must be collaborative, with a strong foundation that supports distance learning and other advanced applications. With CentraCom Business Services specialize in scalable, reliable communications solutions for education institutions throughout the region.


Healthcare providers need access to vital patient records in seconds with Telemedicine support capability and real-time communication for remote diagnostics. In our mountainous region, your network is a real lifeline connecting rural facilities directly to specialists.


CentraCom provides a complete communication package from voice services capable of handling high volume with plenty of tools to work more efficiently, but also superior Internet and data services that meet privacy, high security, cost-effectiveness, and superior reliability.


We admit it. At first mention, you may have said, "CentraCom who?"

Over 121 Years of Service

CentraCom was founded in 1903 as one of the first independent telecommunication companies in the state.

CentraCom has a state-wide fiber network

CentraCom is building one of the largest fiber-optic networks in the state connecting businesses throughout Utah and the country.

Centrally located for quick undivided attention

We may be smaller than our competitors, but no one can respond as quickly. We have service technicians ready to solve any problem, today.